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cybercrime and your company

Cybercrime through email is continuing to increase exponentially. Sometimes this is through lack of protection onsite with products like anti virus or anti malware, but just as importantly, we have seen instances where those aspects were not part of the method used. Rather, the disclosure of personal data by most of the worlds largest companies can be a source for perpetrators to gain much from you or your company or staff.

We can offer help and advice if you do get problems, but to be honest, its better to take advice BEFORE these sort of problems arise, and absolutely before you end up paying money to the perpertators.

IT Help that can reduce or even eradicate these threats.

As a company that has been involved with the internet since 1998 and have operated as an ISP for years we have lots of experience with most of the things going on out there but of more recent times these threats have and are increasing.

The advent of Bitcoin also gives these perps a route to obtain money without fear of being tracked and its important that you do the right thing in any of those events. But what do you do?

Firstly, do NOT pay them and secondly call Network Systems and we can help.

A recent article shows some of the incredibly bad cybercrime details that are hitting companies every day.

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