Ioline Plotters and Rhinestone Products

Ioline and CadLink Software

When we first started to sell Ioline back in 1993 we also were supplying CadLink Software because Ioline and CadLink went hand in hand with each other and each product worked seamlessly in its role.

That is still the same thing today, we find that Ioline products and CadLink are just a perfect fit for most applications.

Of course Ioline products are supported by many other software applications which we also support so if you have any requirements for repairs, upgrades and more then contact us directly.

NSL and Ioline - working together since the early 90's

When we started in the business of selling sign making equipment back in the early 1990's we settled on working with Ioline from Seattle Washington USA because they were world leading quality USA made products that were extremely reliable. Ioline also made large format plotters for the Aparrel industry and other specialist plotting products. Their latest units include the new Rhinestone placement plotter which we sell today. While it might sound like a great idea to buy 'cheap' Chinese products in reality those product you might well end up throwing away after the first year of use simply because they really are 'cheap' products. Ioline products are NOT made 'down to a price' but rather up to a standard - and discerning customers will realise that within just one day of using them. Please visit our dedicated website if you want in depth information about Ioline products and below is a short description of current products available from NSL.

Reliable CAD/CAM systems since 1984


Pen & Inkjet Plotters
Inkjet plotters & pen plotters for marker making and composites






Industrial textiles

Luggage & leather goods


Medical products

Many other applications

Sports Lettering &
Appliqué Cutters
Twill, heat-transfer and multi-purpose sports lettering & applique cutters

Chenille / Embroidery


Corporate promotion

Decorated & safety apparel

Equestrian & pets

Personalization & gifts



Team & pro sports


Rhinestone Design



Competitive Dance

Western Wear


Pet Wear


Sleep Wear

Baby Wear

Figure Skating


Many other applications

Graphics &
Sign Cutters

 Vinyl, contour and specialty cutters for signs & graphics

Sign manufacturers

Sign shops

Auto detailing

Industrial marking

In-house design studios

Promotional products


Screen printers

Stained glass overlay

Many other applications

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