Website Development and Search Engine Optimization

We know... you have heard it all before... right?

In fact over the years we have been also approached by so many SEO companies and others wanting to rewrite our website we get tired of listening... don't you? and that's one of the differences about NSL and website development or SEO work. We simply don't say things that we cannot ever achieve! In the business of the internet the whole thing seems to operate on promises that no one could ever keep. And no one ever guarantees anything!

Why Network Systems is different

Simple... because we're just like you. Its true that we have written hundreds of websites and that we have carried out extremely successful SEO over time on many websites. But the truth is, that there is far more to achieving a successful result with your website and/or SEO than most people tend to think. What exactly is achieveable? There is no magic wand and anyone who tells you there is... well let's just say that you might want to spend the money gabling on a horse and you stand more chance of winning on the horse than you do from some of those companies.

We have paid them too!

That's right! Even we have paid those sort of companies (some time ago) very high figures for them to 'get you to the top' and 'update your website' and the result was far less than we could have ever expected even being reserved about the results. One company even destroyed the website programming on one of our websites... and we paid for the privilege of them doing it.

So what's the secret?

We hate to tell you this... but there is no secret. There are many different things that will make your website stand out and achieve what you want from it - not just one thing. NSL has been operating an ISP service ( ) since April 2000 and during this time we have gained so much experience with websites (even from working on our own which totals over 400) doing work that we KNOW helps make websites a success for their owners. If you think that your website is somehow 'lacking' where it matters then speak with us - we offer a no obligation discussion and if we can't help you we really will say so. Now that's a refreshing change.

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