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Websites are changing... and yours should be too

Since we started back in April 2000 with our ISP service things have certainly changed. Gone are the days when you made a website, put it on the internet (hosted usually by others) and it was a success. And the main reason is.... Google!

When Google started out they simply indexed websites and your website either ended up in there or it did not... sure there were 'levels' of success with websites and we always used to think that 'someone' has to be at the top of the Google lists right? Well that certainly was the case, but other than a few simple things of the website design and 'tags' etc. there was little else to do. But all that changed over the years.

Google got stronger and stronger financially and expanded the way they indexed websites quite dramatically. Today nearly every aspect of your website matters - from the raw code, through colours, content, layout, subject and even now down to how your website 'looks' on a cellphone. So you could say that Google which is really the largest most successful search engine is now a law unto itself and its only real aim in life is firstly to make money for Google and secondly (if you operate a website) to make your life very hard indeed; in fact to have a successful website today you will have to jump through all the Google loops that they have (and continue to) set up to have ANY success at all.

So what's the answer and what can you do?

There are tens of thousands of companies out there that will tell you they can get your site to the 'top' of the Google pile and bring you up to speed... and frankly some of those suggestions are completely misleading. Some companies are simply not up to date. We know... even we have paid historically to achieve something that can be very difficult to achieve... and indeed we have lost a load of money pursuing that dream. But all is not lost of course. There ARE ways to at least achieve a reasonable result for your website (as indeed this website does) and yes we can help.

We currently operate well in excess of four hundred websites and we have developed the majority of those since back in 2000. So you could say that we have some experience in moving our websites around in Google. And we also have lots of experience of being messed about by Google too... when Google decides to change it's methodology of listing criteria (its so called rules) and our website (along with tens of thousands of others out there) moves down that all importent index where your customers find your website in the first place. Unless you can be found easily then frankly there is no point of a website if you need to generate new business from it. Some companies don't need those 'new' leads but in our experience most do... and it remains the most cost effective advertising media available today.

We can help

While we do have all that experience one thing we don't do is to offer customers something that cannot be achieved. Just modify the contents alone cannot work. All you really need to do is to contact NSL by using our contact form amd we'll call you to discuss your website and what we can do for you. We usually take a look at the website so we can honestly come to conclusions of what is achieveable and what is not. So please do contact us for further information..

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